Misleading – Autopsy Show SIDS

An autopsy cannot show SIDS.  An autopsy can only rule out other things.  This is irresponsible reporting, or worse, an irresponsible finding.

A report from the Hamilton County Medical Examiner’s office says that 9-month-old Ryder Brown died of “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome,” commonly known as SIDS.

The child was found dead in an East Brainerd apartment May 12.

The report says all toxicology tests were negative, there were no outward signs of trauma, physical abuse or injury by drugs or alcohol and the child had no known medical history.

The babysitter, Julie Jack, was charged with aggravated child neglect after she left the child in the care of another person who police say was unfit to care for a child. That person has not been charged. Jennifer Bruce, the child’s mother, told NewsChannel 9 “He was the one that was completely incoherent and messed up on all kinds of pills.”