CPR Jukebox

Pick a 100 bpm song. Grab a ball. Push to the beat. Share your selfie. Nominate some friends. You just learned how to save a life.

CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is the act of pushing on someone's chest when the heart has stopped doing its job. When the heart works properly, it is pumping and circulating blood and oxygen throughout the body to all of our organs. When it is in cardiac arrest, we need to be the pump.

It's not very difficult. Just find a spot on the chest (above the heart), clasp your hands together, lock your elbows and push hard and fast. How fast? Think of your favorite 100 beat per minute song. Visit our CPR Jukebox Playlist.

Saving lives is serious, but learning how to do it can be fun. The CPR Jukebox is interactive, educational and engaging. Grab a ball, put on a song and start pushing.

#CPR Jukebox