The real heroes in our screening effort are the physicians who donate their time to evaluate students. Please take a moment to acknowledge their generosity, and if you ever see them around, say thanks!

Chief Medical Officer
David Shipon, MD, FACC
Thomas Jefferson University
Heart Center of Philadelphia

Cardiology Fellows
Alexander Hajduczok, MD
Thomas Jefferson University

Brian Osler, MD
Thomas Jefferson University

Madison Rosen, MD
Mark Vanderland, MD

Philadelphia Region

Rene J. Alvarez, Jr., MD (Temple Cardiology)
Jeanne Marie Baffa, MD (Nemours)
Bruce Applestein, MD (Doylestown Hospital)
Will Bonney, MD (Premier Pediatric Cardiology)
Jason Bradley, MD (Bryn Mawr Medical Specialists)
Sheetal Chandhok, MD (Bryn Mawr Medical Specialists)
Rose Cummings, DO (St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children)
Francis P. Day, MD (Bryn Mawr Medical Specialists)
Daniel L. Dries, MD, MPH, FACC (Temple Cardiology)
Daniel Edmundowicz, MD, MS, FACC (Temple Cardiology)
Doug Esberg, MD (Main Line Arrhythmia)
Brian D. Fedgchin, MD (Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals)
Vincent Figueredo, MD, FACC, FAHA, FASE, FACP (Einstein Medical Center)
Andrew Fireman, MD (Abington Medical Specialists)
John Fornace, MD (PMA Medical Specialists)
Shuping Ge, MD, FAAP, FACC, FASE (St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children)
Charles Gottlieb, MD (Abington Medical Specialists)
Louis Hansrote, MD (Children’s Heart Center of NE PA)
John D. Harding, MD (Doylestown Hospital)
Hope Helfeld, DO FACC (West Chester Cardiology)
Reginald Ho, MD (Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals)
V. Ramesh Iyer, MD, MRCP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)
Zev Jacobson, MD (Core Cardiology Pediatric)
James Kmetzo, MD FACC (Doylestown Hospital)
Nicholas Langan, MD (Einstein Medical Center)
Nandini Madan, MD, MBBS (St. Christopher's Hospital for Children)
Tarun Mathur, MD (Bryn Mawr Medical Specialists)
Steve J. Nierenberg, MD (Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals)
Marty J. O’Riordan, MD (Mercy Health)
Bradley Robinson, MD (Nemours)
Steven Ritz, MD (Nemours)
David Scoblionco, MD (Coordinated Health)
Bindi Shah, MD, FACC (Temple University)
Scott Shapiro, MD (Abington Medical Specialists)
Steven Shapiro, DO FAAP, FACOP, FACP (Abington Memorial Hospital)
Bill Strimel, DO, FACC, FACP (Mercy Health)
Joel Temple, MD (Nemours)
Jen Tingo, MD (St. Christopher's Hospital for Children)
Amir Toib, MD (St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children)
Tom Trojian, MD (Drexel Sports Medicine)
Victoria Vetter, MD, FAAP, FACC (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)
Dina Yazmajian, MD (Abington Medical Specialists)


Mary Bergh, MD (Cardiovascular Group)
Jeremy Khan, MD (Children’s Cardiovascular Medicine)
Laurence M. Lesser, MD (Cardiovascular Group)
Josh Lovelock, MD (Cardiovascular Group)
Salil Patel, MD (Cardiovascular Group)
Joe Perez, MD (Cardiovascular Group)
Manfred A. Sandler, MD (Cardiovascular Group)
Niraj Sharma, MD (Cardiovascular Group)
Neill Videlefsky, MD (Sibley Children's)


Jeffrey B. Anderson, MD, MPH (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital)
Nicholas Edwards, MD, MPH (Cincinnati Children's Hospital)


Michael Carr, MD (Lurie Childrens)
Ira Dubrow, MD (Advocate Health)
Peter Koenig, MD (Lurie Childrens)
Nina Gotteiner, MD (Lurie Childrens)
Dolores A. Vitullo, MD (Lurie Childrens)


Peter Aziz, MD (Cleveland Clinic Children's)
Kenneth Zahka, MD (Cleveland Clinic Children's)


Tom DeBauche, MD (Cypress ECG)
Tal Gospin, MD (Pediatric Cardiology Care)
Santiago O. Valdez, MD (Texas Children's Hospital)


Randall L. Caldwell, MD (Riley Hospital for Children)
Timothy M. Cordas, MD (Riley Hospital for Children)


Bradley Clark, MD (Children's National)
Sam Itscoitz, MD (Retired)
Jeffrey Moak, MD (Children's National)


Dan Cortez, MD (University of Minnesota)
Dave Homans, MD (Health Partners)
Mary Johnson, MD (Health Partners)
Robert Wilson, MD (University of Minnesota)
Ana Kadhoadayan, MD (Health Partners)


Robert Abraham, MD (Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute)
Andrea Bracikowski, MD (Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt)
Evan Brittain, MD (Vanderbilt University)
Keith Churchwell, MD (Vanderbilt Heart)
Alex Diamond, DO (Vanderbilt Sports Medicine Center)
Frank Fish, MD (Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt)
Jessica Hebert Mouledoux, MD (Nashville)
David Parra, MD (Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt)
Andrew Radbill, MD (Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt)

New Jersey

William Bonney, MD (Premier Pediatric Cardiology)
Raffaele Corbisiero, MD, FACC (Deborah Heart and Lung)
Jon George, MD (Deborah Heart and Lung)
Sanford Gips, MD (Heart House)
David Hsi, MD (Deborah Heart and Lung)
Pedram Kazemian, MD, MSc, FRCPC, FACC, FACP (Deborah Heart and Lung)
Jennifer Khelil, DO (Virtua)
George Kipel, MD (Hackensack University)
Jeff Leavy, MD (Heart House)
George Mark, MD (Heart House)
Jeff Matican, MD (Englewood Hospital)
Andreas Pavlides, MD (Heart House)
Mitchell Rosenberg, MD (Heart House)
Tony Sauerwein, MD (Virtua)
Jeff Seiden, MD (Children's Hospital)
Sam Suede, MD (Englewood Hospital)
Daniel Tarditi, DO (Heart House)
Denise Zingrone, DO, FACC, FACOI (Deborah Heart and Lung)
Andrew Zinn, MD (Heart House)