Since the inception of Simon's Heart in 2005 when we hosted our first heart screening, Simon's Heart has evolved into a dynamic force engaged in local, regional, and national initiatives that raise awareness and save lives.

Our Heart Screening program, a cornerstone of our efforts, provides free screenings throughout the year. This comprehensive service includes detailed medical and family history, physical exams, electrocardiograms, and echocardiograms for students. The de-identified data is stored in HeartBytes, our digital platform, and shared with researchers, contributing to vital cardiac research. Remarkably, our screenings have saved 146 lives, underscoring their life-saving impact.

The Chain of Survival Relay is an innovative educational initiative designed to teach students essential life-saving skills related to sudden cardiac arrest. By incorporating elements like 911, CPR, and AED usage into a relay race, students engage in active learning while having fun.

Our CPR Jukebox initiative employs music and interactive learning to teach CPR skills. It's a creative, engaging approach that has been instrumental in reaching and educating diverse audiences effectively.

GotAED, launched in 2017, focuses on placing AEDs in locations where children learn and play, ensuring these life-saving devices are readily accessible.

HeartBytes, our digital platform, streamlines the screening process and facilitates the creation of a national cardiac registry for seemingly healthy kids. This platform not only enhances efficiency but also supports vital research efforts, benefiting the broader medical community.

"Protect this Heart," our award-winning educational video, narrated by NBC's Jimmy Roberts, educates coaches about the risks and warning signs of cardiac arrest. With 1.8 million views, it stands as a leading educational tool, empowering coaches to recognize issues and seek appropriate help promptly.

Simon's Heart's advocacy efforts have resulted in significant legislative impact. The "Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act," introduced in Pennsylvania in 2012, is a groundbreaking law requiring parents, student athletes, and coaches to understand the risks and warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest. This legislation has been adopted by 17 states, contributing to a safer environment for student athletes nationwide.

Your support enables us to expand these vital initiatives, furthering our mission of preventing sudden cardiac arrest and saving lives. We are passionate about our work and look forward to the opportunity to make a lasting difference in communities across the country. Get Involved! email