My Perspective Changed Forever

I remember like it was yesterday. Phyllis and I had to escape from life. We had just passed the first anniversary of Simon’s death. We took Sally to the beach. It was so hard to be around people with babies. It was even harder to hear about “problems.” I’m really sorry your contractor...

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Rethinking SIDS: Many Deaths No Longer A Mystery

The coroner said that Simon died of SIDS.  However, that answer was not good enough for us because it doesn’t really mean anything.  I’m glad that other people are starting to dig deeper into SIDS .  However, I’m very disappointed that this article only talks about back to sleep campaigns. ...

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Misleading – Autopsy Show SIDS

An autopsy cannot show SIDS.  An autopsy can only rule out other things.  This is irresponsible reporting, or worse, an irresponsible finding. A report from the Hamilton County Medical Examiner’s office says that 9-month-old Ryder Brown died of “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome,” commonly known as SIDS. The child was found...

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