We can’t do this alone. We rely on the generosity and creativity of the community. There are plenty of ways that we can work together to check hearts and save lives. We’ve listed a few ideas below! Of course, you can always make a donation or volunteer.

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Become a High School Student Ambassador

The Ambassador Program was designed by students for students. Raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest at your high school and participate in a variety of events.

Get a Company Match

Does your company match funds? Does it allow you to allocate part of your salary to a United Way Campaign (Simon’s Fund #45799). Will it make a donation to a nonprofit in exchange for your volunteer hours? If you have any questions about these options, please contact us.

Go Shopping!

Support us while shopping for anything at Amazon. Check out the Amazon Smiles program, where you can choose Simon’s Heart to receive proceeds from your purchase.

Host a Heart Screening

Want to bring Simon’s Heart to your school? Whether you’re a health professional, an educator, or a student, Simon’s Heart can work with you to host a screening. Fill out this form to get started.

Plan a Community Service (Mitzvah) Project

Kids helping kids – there is something amazing about that concept. Your child can help plan a screening, create a project, or host a fundraiser for Simon’s Heart. Our students are pretty creative: They’ve hosted chess tournaments, designed jewelry for sale, teamed up with Whole Foods, and more.  Please contact us with your questions and ideas.

Can’t decide? Then just shoot us a message and we’ll figure it out together.

Transfer Stock

You can make a huge impact in our mission and receive added tax benefits beyond the standard charitable deduction. Learn more about our Stock Grant Program.