Who Will Apologize on Election Day?

There’s a good chance that this title will scare everyone away. We’re all sick of campaigns. However, this one isn’t political. Today, Simon’s Fund was invited to make a presentation to the employees of Johnson & Johnson during their United Way Campaign kickoff. Adam Kaye, board member and employee at J & J, and I got to speak about the organization.

Following the presentation, an employee approached me with tears in his eyes. His son was born with a heart condition and has been fighting it his entire life. He is in his twenties now and doing well. The employee apologized to me. He felt guilty that he’s been able to watch his son grow up and I have not.

Today was supposed to be a “business” meeting. I was in corporate mode. It quickly turned into an emotional roller coaster. In seven years, I’ve never had anyone move me like this. I also can’t remember the last time I cried and hugged a stranger.