What Story Do These Photos Tell You?

Simon died today, nineteen years ago, on January 24, 2005. That smile vanished and took ours too. We all have a date in our life that lies somewhere between uncomfortable and intolerable. As you can imagine, our day is today.

The smile came back – we don’t remember when. It could have been three years later, on this day in 2008. We received a call that Melissa just had open heart surgery. She had been diagnosed with a heart condition at a Simon’s Heart screening. That news can make you smile, even after losing your child.

This year, Melissa got engaged, not on this date, but another reason to smile.

Nineteen years ago, we lost a son. Sixteen years ago, we met a girl who was impacted by our son. This year, we’ll see her get married and begin a new chapter in her life.

Today, is a good day (despite the date).