The Universe Did Right

No one would have blamed me for hating the world after Simon died.  After all, life was not fair.  My baby died before me and that’s just never supposed to happen.  The universe was not working . . . .

As I stood next to Representative Mike Vereb and Governor Corbett on May 30, along side Jaden, Sally and Phyllis, and watched the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act signed into law, I started thinking about that same universe.

The universe brought Phyllis and I to Ohio State.  Until the very last minute, I was going to Indiana.  The universe introduced us to an adoption attorney that processed our Guatemala adoption in three months.  A month later, adoptions were stopped and they have not resumed.  The universe brought us to Representative Mike Vereb’s office.  I’m not sure that anyone else could have pushed this law through as quickly.

After that fateful night, I never did curse the universe. At that moment, the events in my life really didn’t make sense and I’m still not sure that they do.  I think that life just happens.  I am sure about this . . . we had a choice to make on January 24, 2005 and because of our decision to do something, we allowed ourselves to be in the right place and the right time for the universe to do right . . . this time.