I Hope That One Day . . .

“I hope that one day something good comes of this.”  The cliche that we’ve all muttered at least once in our life.  This is THE phrase that follows every inexplicable tragedy.  It was included in my eulogy to Simon.

As I sit here on the seventh anniversary of his death, I can say that some good has come.

(1) Phyllis discovered her potentially-fatal heart condition – Long QT Syndrome.

(2) Jaden joined our family.

(3) To date, at least 35 kids are living safer lives knowing about their hidden heart defect.

(4) I have met some pretty incredible, passionate and selfless people that would never have entered my life but for Simon’s death.

This day still sucks.  There are a bunch of days that still suck.  But in between, there’s something to appreciate.  There’s some good that’s come of this and fortunately, through the grief and pain, I can see it now.