Welcome to Heartsavers –  where entertainment meets education. This summer, students will be acquainted with their generation of Ghostbusters. They will learn what to do if they see a ghost. However, it is more likely that students will either witness or suffer sudden cardiac arrest. We want to make sure they are prepared.

Sudden cardiac arrest is the #1 cause of death of student athletes. It takes the lives of thousands of students every year. Approximately 1 in 70 high schools will have a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) on campus each year. By providing CPR and using an AED device, the chances of survival are dramatically increased.

Heartsavers is a three and a half minute music video inspired by the Ghostbusters theme song. It follows three groups of students engaged in different activities. One student in each group finds him/herself in trouble. Sudden cardiac arrest is a pretty serious subject but this music video handles the subject in a meaningful and lighthearted way. The students, through the Heartsavers, learn about the importance of CPR and AED devices.

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