Screening Attended: Colonial School District

Activities: Basketball, soccer and track

Diagnosis: Long QT Syndrome and an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD)

How has life changed: Valerie, at the age of 7, underwent heart surgery to repair the ASD. She takes beta blockers for the Long QT. Her physical activity is limited, which is a shame because she loves to play sports, run, jump, swim, etc. She is not allowed to play basketball, soccer, or run track. Valerie knows and understands her limitations and respects them. She would never do anything that she knew would or could be dangerous.

Message to Simon’s Fund: The Doctor’s quote to us was, “if this isn’t repaired, her life will be shortened.”  She would have only lived to be in her twenties if the hole hadn’t been discovered and repaired. Simon’s Fund, quite simply, saved our daughter’s life. There is no possible way to ever thank the Sudman family for the gift that we are able to keep, Valerie. The fact that they, in their son’s honor, have been able to accomplish so much and continue to save other people’s children through Simon’s Fund, is truly amazing. Simon’s name will continue to live on through every heart that keeps beating because of Simon and his family.

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