Screening Attended: Radnor School District

Activities: Lacrosse, tennis, and basketball

Diagnosis: Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome

How has life changed: I was scared at first – I knew every once in a while my heart would “beat really fast ” when I was sitting in class or just watching TV and not active. I thought maybe it was too much soda or sweets or maybe I was nervous.  After a stress test and Echocardiogram at CHOP, Dr. Vetter confirmed it was Wolff Parkinson White which happened when I was still in utero and my heart was forming. I took it easy for the month, no sports till my procedure. Never knowing this “extra” electrical pathway was in my heart, I am relieved to know that after my procedure I can go back to all my sports and never have the UNKNOWN fear of SCA (sudden cardiac arrest).

Message to Simon’s Fund: To know that I had my procedure performed at CHOP by Dr. Vetter and Dr. Iyer on what would have been Simon’s 7th Birthday is amazing to me. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Sudman and their family, and to my Doctors and Nurses at CHOP. I would like to share my story with everyone. My parents have taken the best possible care of me my whole life. They love me and would do anything to keep me safe, healthy, and happy – but never would have known that my heart could have suddenly stopped working if it was not for the screening.

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