Screening Attended: Norristown High School

Activities: softball, going to mall with friends

Diagnosis: Prolonged QT

How has life changed: It changed my life because I can’t play certain sports and I also can’t drink certain sodas anymore or eat that much chocolate. Basketball is my favorite sport so I was a little mad but I look at it now that if they didn’t find out that I have a heart problem who knows what would’ve happened. I also had to get used to taking medicine everyday. Best part is that every 6 months when I have to go to CHOP to see Dr. Vetter my mom and I get to stop for cheesesteaks on the way home.

Message to Simon’s Fund: Thank you so much for starting this fund and giving kids the opportunity to have their hearts screened and finding out if there are problems before it’s too late. I would love to help out with future events.

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