What’s a Maenner-Chor?

You’d think that after being thrust into a world with terms like commotio cordis and infarction, I’d know Maenner-Chor.  However, it wasn’t until last Sunday that I discovered this term.  It is a social club that was started many decades ago by German immigrants.  It is still thriving with 700 members (no longer exclusively German).

The club conducted 50/50 raffles for a few months and on Sunday we were notified that th proceeds were coming to Simon’s Fund. Last night, amidst drinking and dancing, they presented us with a check.  Then, one of the members pledged even more money.

We became connected to the Maenner-Chor because we screened Alaysia Keeley.  She discovered a heart condition. Her grandfather works at the club. He nominated Simon’s Fund as the beneficiary. That’s the universe at play.

This journey began in the worst possible way. Phyllis and I stood alone before a dark and dismal road. As we took our first steps, family and friends rushed to our side. Many of them have continued to walk with us. Now, this journey is a little bit more like a marathon. People are starting to line the streets. They want to see what is going on. They want to be a part of something special.

Last week, it was the team from Digitas Health. This week, it is our friends from Maenner-Chor. Thanks to all of you that come out to cheer, support and run by our side on this tragic, yet rewarding journey.