WKRP in Cincinnati

The only thing missing at our heart screening today was WKRP.  The four major networks were there.  One hundred students were there.  Most of the Sycamore water polo team was there.  About thirty professionals from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Suburban Pediatrics were there.   Jose’s mother, Luisa, was there.  All of the screenings are meaningful, but some stand out as special.  This one was special.

I met a mother and her son that never knew Jose, but through water polo, have been impacted by his life, so they sold t-shirts in his memory.  I met another teammate that wanted to us to know how much he appreciated the heart screening; he was Jose’s good friend.  I shared hugs and tears with Luisa as we remembered our sons, and contemplated the impact that their lives have on other people.   I got acquainted with a hospital staff that turned my request for a one-off heart screening into a city-wide study of 1000 students.

I moved away from Cincinnati twenty-four years ago.  However, today, I felt like I was back home.

Cardiac Team from Cincinnati Children’s


Luisa Cerda, Jose’s Mother

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