What Does a Mom Say?

Ding ding ding? No, that’s a fox. So, what did your mom say? Did she have a go-to phrase, quote or cliche? I don’t remember if my mother had one (which won’t surprise my mother at all). However, in trying to think of one, and knowing that we are having our first-ever Mother’s Day Weekend heart screening, I came up with one.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Did your mom say that? More likely, your grandmother. This wisdom came from Benjamin Franklin and it speaks directly to our screening this weekend.

For nine years, we have been engaged exclusively in youth heart screenings. We are part of a network of organizations that does this kind of work. We believe, and the data supports our belief, that by conducting heart screenings on students, we will not only find conditions that can lead to sudden death in the near term, but that we will also reveal risk factors that lead to heart disease (hypertension and obesity).

In order to execute on our mission, we need to be laser focused. As such, we spend 364 days a year talking about preventing SCA in youth. However, this weekend, we bridge the topic of heart health.

We appreciate that we are engaged in a battle within a much bigger war. While SCA takes the lives of thousands of children every year, and is the #1 cause of death of student athletes, it is also the #1 cause of death of men and women in this country . . . by hundreds of thousands. There are other organizations raising awareness about heart disease in adults, but for some reason, they aren’t talking about our kids.

As such, we are using this holiday as a way to tie everything together. SCA is a family problem. It’s not enough to go red for women. We need to start with our kids and teach them about the hearts they inherited, and empower them to make smart choices about their heart health. If our children learn early, then in a generation, our moms and dads will already know. We’ll all be better off.

So we’re proud to host a Mother’s Day Weekend Heart Screening where we’ll screen students (in usual fashion) and offer a risk assessment screening for moms.  It’s our way of heeding Benjamin Franklin’s sage advice (or that of your mom): an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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