What Do You Get . . . .

What do you get a seven year old boy for his birthday?  Where do you have the party?  Who do you invite? These are the questions that I expected to be grappling with on a day like today – Simon’s birthday.  For me, and I can only speak for me on a topic like this, I don’t struggle with these questions anymore.  I still struggle with the picture of Simon smiling on January 8, 2005.  That’s my only point of reference.  As every year goes by, I can only go back to that picture.  A picture of baby.  It is a stark reminder that time stopped suddenly and early – way too early.

So, back to my original question . . . Today, we are launching a new website for Simon’s Fund.  I know that a seven year old boy is probably not getting very excited about a new website (unless there is some kind of fighting or competition going on).  However, we are.  We’re excited to provide a great resource for parents and coaches so they can protect kids from sudden cardiac arrest.  We’re excited to share stories from some of the kids that we’ve helped.  We’re excited to promote the sale of unique heart-themed items that raise money for heart screenings and other life-saving initiatives.

It’s not the traditional way to celebrate a child’s birthday.  It’s not the ideal gift.  However, for us, it’s special because on his seventh birthday, Simon is giving a gift to all of us.  And every day hereafter, he’ll continue to lead the way for us to check hearts and save lives.