Simon’s Fund Launches New Screening App

This week, two students from Haverford College launched the Simon’s Fund Heart Screening App. This app is designed to (1) improve efficiencies during the screening process; and (2) facilitate the collection of data to be used to develop the first Youth ECG Database.  Let’s think about the impact of this app for a minute.

If something comparable was introduced in the for profit world, analysts and shareholders would be going nuts. Investors are always looking for corporations to become more efficient in their delivery of products or services. They get even more excited when the new technology gives the corporation a pathway to fulfill one of its core goals.

The app makes our screenings paperless.  Medical volunteers can view student medical history information, and enter vital and heart information (ECG and ECHO) on the tablet. That data collected at the screening is combined with previously collected medical history information to create a complete cardiac record on the student.

This is a tremendous breakthrough for Simon’s Fund and the nonprofit screening community. This app will foster collaboration, data collection and research. Research based on scientific data is what is really needed now. To date, the debate about screening has been largely based on opinion and conjecture, particularly by those opposed to screenings. You’ll quickly find that they have never conducted heart screenings.  Now, because of these two students, the game is going to change.

Simon’s Fund is a nonprofit, but we are going to operate like we’re a corporation. As such, we are very excited about this latest development (even if Wall Street isn’t paying attention).