Sam’s Trip to the Final Four

Simon’s Fund checks hearts and saves lives.  It also gets some pretty cool auction items for the annual fundraiser.  Read about Sam Kassar’s experience at the Final Four this year.  Thanks for your support, Kassars! 

My Final Four experience was amazing.  I went to the games, the parties and the hotel.  I also went to bracket town and the final four dribble. My favorite thing was going to the games with my dad and spending time with him.

When we went to the games, we were in the middle of the Butler section. I was routing for the other team so it didn’t go so well. I was cheering for UConn.  All the games I went to I will remember forever.

The hotel was amazing. There was hospitality suite. There was a basketball players I  met in the morning for breakfast. The food was amazing. There is a basketball net outside where I can shoot.  I won 100 dollars by making a half-court shot.  Plus I got kissed by too hot girls.

Bracket town was amazing. It was basketball heaven there with pickup games and drills. You can also see famous ball players. They were selling a ton of stuff. I got a huge basketball that said final four.

The last thing I did was the final four dribble. It’s when you dribble around the whole city of Houston.  Jammer Ferdete a famous college basketball player and Jarred Sulindger another famous basketball player. They are the 2 finalist for the Lowes award.

That’s what I did for the final four. Thank you Simons Fund.

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