Plymouth Meeting couple named “Friends of children

By Thomas Celona
Staff Writer

Simon Sudman was just 13 weeks old when he died.

For his parents, Darren and Phyllis Sudman of Plymouth Meeting, the death was a devastating loss and one they couldn’t understand. Simon had appeared to be a perfectly healthy infant.

“We didn’t know why he passed away initially,” Darren said.

On a doctor’s recommendation, both had their hearts screened, and Phyllis was diagnosed with long QT syndrome, an irregularity of the heartbeat that is hereditary. The Sudmans now believe Simon inherited the disease, which led to sudden cardiac arrest and his death.

Since the loss of their son, the Sudmans have made it their mission to educate people on the need to screen children for congenital heart defects so no more lives end the way Simon’s did.

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