Let’s Pull the Plug . . .

I’m sure that you’ve made so many decisions for your child . . . . what to eat . .  . when to go to bed . . . whether to play soccer or take piano lessons or both.  Hopefully, you’ll never have to make the decision that a friend of friend had to make this week – to pull the plug on their 16 year old son.

He was playing basketball with some friends.  He collapsed in the midst of having fun.  He never regained consciousness.  With no brain function, his parents made the terrifying decision to stop life support.

Sudden cardiac arrest kills thousands of children every year.  Many of them are engaged in athletic activity.  Most of them have no idea that they have a heart condition.

We can change that.  Italy did.  They started providing ECG exams for all of their kids.  As a result, they reduced the incidents of sudden cardiac arrest by 89%.

Has your kid received an ECG exam?  It costs less than $50.  I bet she’s had a hearing exam or eye exam.  Has your kid ever fainted?  That’s the primary warning sign of a condition that leads to sudden cardiac arrest.

Please add this to the decisions that you make for your child – get their hearts checked.