Doc in the Box

“Think outside the box.” This cliche is uttered countless times inside agencies and corporations around this country. I don’t think it is heard too many times inside hospitals or medical practices. However, it should be.

There is a big disconnect between the medical community and lay people. We don’t speak the same language. We don’t have the same customs. Sometimes, we don’t even share the same expectations. Communication is at the root of this problem.

Dr. Raina Merchant has figured out how to combine medicine and modern communication. She is thinking outside of the box. Her method is not only a model for the medical community, but it will leave many agency and corporate types feeling envious as well.


If you needed an automated external defibrillator to help a victim of sudden cardiac arrest, chances are you would have trouble finding one, even if a device were located nearby.

That’s despite the fact that about one million AEDs—portable devices that can jump-start the heart and save lives when sudden cardiac arrest strikes—are installed in office buildings, malls, schools and sports stadiums around the U.S.

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