Being a Part of Something Bigger

I am on my way home from the 9th Annual Parent Heart Watch Conference. I sit on the Board and Simon’s Fund was a sponsor. It is a great organization that brings families and organizations together. Here are some thoughts that I shared with the attendees. Simon’s Fund is really...

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Trade Secrets

Imagine this . . . Yuengling, America’s oldest brewery in the country (and based outside of Philly) is invited to visit Mike’s Hard Lemonade in Seattle. The purpose of the trip is for Mike’s Hard Lemonade to share all of its trade secrets with Yuengling. Yes, all of the recipes,...

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Great Nonprofits at Work on Sudden Cardiac Arrest

It was started in honor of Pleasanton resident Michael Gable, who suddenly died in 2009 at the age of 38, killed by a heart disease he didn’t even know he had. Pleasanton wife and mother Michelle Gable was still reeling from the sudden death of her husband Michael from cardiac...

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