Board Retreat

Last night, our Board got together to reflect on the last five years.  We also started to look ahead at the next five.  I want to share a realization that I had . . .

Simon’s Fund was born out of our tragedy.  Simon would not be here anymore.  However, just like he would have grown through the years, so too has his organization.  It started as an infant.  We were very gentle and cautious in the beginning.  We showered it with love and understanding.  We saw tremendous development.  We imposed limitations.

However, now Simon’s Fund is five and ready for more.  We are ready for more.  It seems like we needed five years to digest and process our tragedy.  We needed this time to grow and realize.

So here we are.  More screenings.  More fundraising.  More impact.  Sparing more families from suffering the consequences of sudden cardiac arrest.  Saving more lives.  Stay tuned.