Big Talk

I’ve been to so many conferences.  They ranged in content from bankruptcy law to social marketing to small businesses.  At these conferences, I get the opportunity to meet lots of different people.  Most of the discussion occurs around the breakfast or lunch table.  Typically, they are strangers when we randomly sit down together, and most of the time, they become strangers again when we leave the conference.  We pass the time talking about how we slept, how late we stayed out and how busy or bad things are back at the office.

This conference, hosted by Parent Heart Watch, is very different.  Here, the small talk comes second, if at all.  The opener is usually something like “did you loose a child” or “how did your child die.”  It quickly progresses to “what can we do about it so that it does not happen to another family.”

In a world where we talk so much and never really say anything; where we do much but never really get much accomplished; it is inspiring to see people with broken lives come together to repair their lives by helping others.  I appreciate the big talk and big action.  Kudos to all the suffering and selfless people affiliated with Parent Heart Watch.