An Email from a Friend

I’d never want a parent to lose their child. However, amidst the wreckage, there are amazing some things, that you can only see if you’ve survived, like the spirit and generosity of others. Here is one of those things:

Today and always Simon, we think of you
We think of your short life and the things your memory lives on to do

It was just three short months that you were put on this earth
Your life was cut short just shortly after your birth

Nine years may seem like such a long time
However, I know that your parents aching pain is for a lifetime

Even though you are no longer physically here,you are saving lives
You would be so proud of your Mommy and Daddy and all of their heart drives

They have spread awareness across state after state
They have helped saved people’s hearts who could no longer wait

Every day we here about something that your Mommy and Daddy are making sure takes place
Your picture is on everything and we will always remember your beautiful, sweet  face

Please know that Simon Sudman is a name that everyone does know
It is you sweet boy that has made other lives glow

I am thinking of you today, tomorrow and forever
You have made your marks and will be forgotten, NEVER

Darren and Phyllis,

The pain that you have endured with the loss of Simon is immeasurable. I am fully aware that the loss of Simon is something you feel and stings at your heart each and everyday.

Wherever you go, there are reminders that Simon isn’t here. I know you have to walk around seeing other children that you know would have been Simon’s best friends. I know there are dates and milestones that you know will not take place.

Despite your unbearable pain, you are saving the world! You are selflessly devoting your life so that others do not have to experience this pain.

I am sure there are still days where it’s hard to get up. However, you do and you both make each day count!

You are true heroes! I feel honored to know you and to be part of Simon’s Fund.

I’m sending love and prayers and strength to you on the nine year Anniversary of Simon.