227 – The Norristown Screening

Simon’s Fund and CHOP

On October 30, Simon’s Fund and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia conducted a heart screening for the students of Norristown.  We screened 227 hearts.  All students received an ECG exam, had their blood pressure taken twice, and had their height and weight checked.  There were thirteen students that received additional onsite testing – an echocardiogram.  When an ECG report appears to be abnomal, an echocardiogram is ordered.

We’ve held screenings at seven different schools.  This one was very special.  This one was in memory of Akhir “Geedy” Frazier, who was supposed to attend Norristown High School this year as a junior.  Akhir collapsed while playing basketball at the Hank Gathers Rec Center in August.  He died four days later in the hospital.

There was an incredible vibe that existed at Norristown High School.  It shone through the parents that were incredibly friendly and so appreciative; the students that were engaging; and the administrative staff and community leaders that were present and committed throughout the day.  Norristown showed us that it is a community.

We started setting up at 7 AM.  We left at 6 PM.  We were drained.  Not from all of the work.  From the genuine emotions that we shared throughout the day.  Like I said before, it was special.