Why Kids Should Have Cardiac Screenings Before Hitting the Field

Dr. Tozzi is slowly, and steadily, becoming an idol of mine.  His commentary is always on point, and without any “noise.”  We need more doctors and health care professionals to follow his “I refuse to accept no” attitude.  We have reached out to Dr. Tozzi and we will blog the results of that conversation….but in the meantime, this article can hold you over.

By Dr. Robert Tozzi
Published July 19, 2011
| FoxNews.com

The Massachusetts state medical examiner is trying to figure out why 12-year-old Joshua Thibodeau collapsed on the soccer field and later died at an area hospital.  Officials said Joshua did not have any indication of a pre-existing medical condition, and he had a medical waiver clearing him to attend the camp.

It’s a tragic story we hear all too often. But as a pediatric cardiologist, I can’t help but wonder if Joshua had ever underwent a cardiac screening – and what may have been found if he did.

Some studies suggest that sudden cardiac death (SCD) in sports is a very rare event, but the reality is, these deaths are much more common than previously reported. And when it comes to your children, are you willing to take a chance?
Many have argued that the benefit of cardiac screening simply does not outweigh the financial burden, approximately $200, placed on the individual. But saving lives and saving money do not have to be seen as mutually exclusive.  The implementation of a well-designed cardiac screening program, which is both comprehensive and detailed, including an electrocardiogram (EKG), may be more cost effective than previously thought.


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