We're Growing Up. Meet Josh, the Fund Manager


Simon’s Fund is so excited to announce that Josh Weisman will be serving as the Fund Manager.

Josh’s first day was March 1.  His first week was a typical-new position-get acquainted-not much to  do-slow transition week.  On day one, he discovered that the main roads in the town where we’re holding  our annual event will be shut down on the day of our annual event.  On day two he scrambled to find a new date.  On day four, we discovered that the new date presented a similar problem.  On day five, we picked a third and final date.  In between, he met with Board Members and advocates in the sudden cardiac arrest space.  Needless to say, we are very grateful that Josh is on board.

Josh brings energy, commitment, passion and organization to Simon’s Fund.  For five years, Simon’s Fund has been run exclusively by volunteers.  The organization accomplished great things under this arrangement, but was limited by competing interests and time limitations.  Typical of a volunteer-run organization.

Josh will spend a significant amount of time each week focusing on the needs and objectives of Simon’s Fund.   As such, the organization will be able to create more alliances, conduct more screenings, host more educational seminars, raise more awareness and save more lives.  Josh’s personal and nonprofit experiences brings a new and fresh dynamic to Simon’s Fund.  Under his leadership, we know that Simon’s Fund will improve and grow.

We welcome Josh to our family and cause.  We know that together – Josh, the current organization, and you – we’ll continue to save the life of one child . . . and then another, by raising awareness about conditions that lead to sudden cardiac arrest and death.

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