UMass Student Athlete, Jonathan Gray, dies

It is a shame that UMass and other universities don’t screen the hearts of their athletes.  I know that the NCAA can’t pay their players, but can we at least check their hearts?

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WGGB) — When he started his freshman year at UMass just a few months ago, Jonathan “Jonno” Gray picked up right where he’d left off when he graduated Holyoke High School. “Everybody enjoyed being around him,” UMass rowing crew club advisor Brian Arnold told ABC40 Monday.  “He was dedicated and passionate about not only the men’s crew, but just being at UMass in general.”

And now he is gone too soon.  Gray died at his family’s Holyoke home Thursday, January 5, apparently while working out.  The kinesiology major had garnered a 3.1 GPA in his maiden semester at UMass, while winning the hearts of many. “Not only a strong teammate,” continued Arnold, “but a really good friend.  I think in the short time that they knew Jon, they were able to build some really good relationships and friendships with him.”

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