Teams Demanding Heart Screenings

Following the collapse of football superstar, Muamba, other teams are demanding heart screenings.

The entire Tottenham squad have requested heart checks following Fabrice Muamba’s cardiac arrest at White Hart Lane on Saturday, a cardiologist has revealed.  Bolton midfielder Muamba remains in a serious condition at the London Chest Hospital after he collapsed during Saturday’s FA Cup clash at White Hart Lane.

Both Muamba’s team-mates and the Spurs players were left visibly distressed at the 23-year-old’s collapse, and the whole of the North Londoners’ squad insisted on Monday that a cardologist, who was supposed to be testing a couple of players in a pre-planned visit, checked all of the players.

“The players have all demanded cardiac screening today,” sports cardiologist Sanjay Sharma toldSky News.

“That involves taking a history relating to cardiac symptoms, which include chest pain during exertion or breath which is disproportionate to the amount of exercise being performed and blackouts, (and) asking about a family history because many of these conditions that can cause cardiac arrest are hereditary.

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