Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act – It's time to get off the sidelines

Pre-season practices have opened up all over the country, at all levels of competition.  Do a quick “google” search and you will see dozens of stories about kids collapsing, fainting, being hospitalized and a few deaths.  In almost all of these stories the first comment from the trainer or physician involved is about the heat or possible dehydration.

It might be that simple…that heat is the root cause.  My gut tells me there is something larger at play here.  I hope all of these incidents are simply heat related, because there could be an easy fix if it was.  What concerns me the most is the act of collapsing makes the headlines – they rarely follow the story to completion and report the final determination.

Fainting is not normal.  It is the number one warning sign of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  We are working with legislators to pass the Sudden Cardiac Prevention Act which will require student athletes to seek medical clearance from a cardiologist if they should faint while participating in athletic activities.

For those of you who think $25 is too much to screen our kids hearts in an effort to prevent these tragedies – what would you say to the parents of these children?  Here are a few of the stories that hit the newswire this week alone:

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