Sixth Grader Dies at School – Cardiac

This is part of the letter that was posted on the school’s website.  

It is with a heavy heart that I share this news with you. Today one of our sixth grade students, Zach Rufo, died suddenly. Zach had a preexisting heart condition that was a contributing factor.

Respecting the wishes of the family, we did not inform our students of his death during the school day. We are aware that a sudden loss such as this can bring about many strong feelings, especially for those students who knew Zach. Please take time to check in with your child about his or her feelings. Our school staff will encourage your children to speak with you about their feelings as well as seek out support from guidance counselors in the school. The school is sensitive to your child’s needs and has arranged to have counselors available to talk with your students throughout the next few days day in the library.

Full letter

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