Runner Collapses, Dies

A Kenyan Armed Forces runner collapsed and died after competing in the 5,000m race in Nyeri, 154 kms from the capital Nairobi.

The incident happened on Friday evening during the second New KCC/Athletics Kenya (AK) Track and Field weekend meeting after the private attached to Laikipia Airbase fell ill running in the heats of the 5,000m race.

The deceased (name withheld until the next of kin are informed) had just completed his heat at Ruringu Stadium’s murram track when he suddenly fell ill after joining his teammates.

A doctor at the scene attending to the deceased asked for the runner to be rushed to Nyeri Provincial General Hospital with no vitals showing and upon arrival, he was pronounced dead.

AK Central branch chair, David Miano confirmed the incident saying, “We received reports at the end of our first day’s programme that a runner had been taken seriously ill after running the men’s 5,000m heats.

“He was then rushed to hospital where he passed on. Our thoughts are with the family of the deceased and Armed Forces have taken up the matter,” Miano said.

Further details on the incident were to be released after his family were briefed.

Following the tragedy, Miano called on athletes to ensure regular medical checkups before competitions.

“We lost a runner from this area at last year’s Sotokoto Safari Marathon and another during the Mombasa Marathon. These incidents are becoming too frequent and medical issues of athletes need to be addressed,” Miano said.

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