One Week – Two Dead, Two Saves

This is the second save in one week . . .

Little Rock – A high school athlete passes out at a Tuesday night basketball game.

Chris Winston was heading off the court to the bench when he passed out.  It took a defibrillator to bring him back to life.  Winston was taken to Baptist Health in LIttle Rock.  At last check, he did have a pulse, was being treated with an IV and is expected to recover.

Eerily, this happened at Parkview High School: the same school where Antony Hobbs passed out and ultimately died.  Hobbs’ death led to the push for legislation eventually passed in March 2009, providing funding for AEDs in all state schools.  Budget cuts have prevented some schools from buying the life-saving devices, but the LIttle Rock School District bought the final 78 AEDs needed to equip all of their schools on January 11.

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