NFL Could Change Start Screening Hearts

Below is a post about how the NFL may start screening the hearts of its athletes.  This comes in the wake of the death of Gaines Adams.  He had an enlarged heart.  This is not the first NFL athlete to die of cardiomyopathy.  I’m surprised that it has taken this long.

The NFL not screening the hearts of its athletes is similar to NASCAR teams not checking the engines of their cars.  I am not comparing a person to a car.  I am stating that owners have a duty to take care of their most valuable assets.  For football, it is the players.  For NASCAR, it is the driver, and yes, your car.  So, check the “engine” on them all.

Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on January 24, 2010 11:57 AM ET

The sudden passing of Bears defensive end Gaines Adams to cardiac arrest caused by an enlarged heart caused many people to wonder if anything could have been done to prevent it.

The NFL is looking closely at the issue.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that the NFL Cardiovascular Committee is discussing whether to make echocardiograms (or ECHO) standard for players, starting in February with the scouting combine.

The league was already examining the question before Adams’ passing.

Currently the echocardiogram is only ordered if there’s a family history problem or if a problem shows up on the EKG test that is administered to the players.  The echo is “more invasive and expensive but more complete” than the EKG test according to the Chicago Tribune.

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