Middle Schooler Saved With AED

A Lewisville middle schooler returns to class two weeks after cardiac arrest.  Monday was Flavio Longoria’s first day back to class at Huffines Middle School in Lewisville. He collapsed on the soccer field and turned blue two weeks ago.

“We were running, doing sprints, and I just got lightheaded and fainted,” Flavio said. “Next thing I knew, I woke up, and paramedics were all around me.”  The 14-year-old soccer player’s heart had stopped beating. While coaches started CPR, a school nurse shocked Flavio with an automated external defibrillator.

State law requires every public school in Texas to have one.  “It’s just amazing they knew what to do,” said his mother, Gina Rodriguez. “[They] had the machine and were able to bring him back, because he was gone for a minute.”  Doctors told Flavio he would not have survived if not for the quick thinking of his coaches and the school’s nurse.

“I thank God they were there,” Rodriguez said. “I know God placed the right people there to save his life.”

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