Lincoln College Student Found Dead

A Lincoln College student athlete died Tuesday afternoon, and authorities say they have no answers about the cause of death.

Brett Malmquist, 21, of Yuma, Ariz., was pronounced dead at 1:41 p.m. at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital, according to a report from Logan County Coroner Bob Thomas. He was taken to the hospital after being found in an unresponsive state at the college.

“On Oct. 18 (Tuesday), dispatch and 911 was notified of an unresponsive male at Lincoln College at 12:54 p.m.,” Lincoln Police Chief Ken Greenslate told The Courier Wednesday afternoon. “Lincoln Police officers and Lincoln Fire responded with paramedics.”

Greenslate said an investigation of the cause of death is ongoing.

An autopsy was performed in Springfield Wednesday morning, which Thomas attended. He said the autopsy did not determine the cause of Malmquist’s death and that he is waiting on lab reports.

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