Life-Saving Cookies (Not Approved by FDA)

You know what they say:  “absence makes the heart grow fonder but cookies make the heart grow stronger.”  We’ve been struggling with this cliche for a while, trying to understand its true meaning.  What is it about the cookie that makes the heart strong?

We researched some foods that have been credited with prolonging life or improving health, like the Indian Gooseberry or Goji Berry, but these fruits could only be found in a juice.

We examined the ingredients of the cookie – water, salt and sugar.  Could a cookie made with water from Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth or salt from the Dead Sea be the secret?  Maybe, but we couldn’t find the Fountain.

After months, we found the answer, or should I say, the cookie – the life-saving cookie.  This cookie can change a child’s life, and make his or her heart grow stronger.  It is a Simon’s Fund Valentine’s Day Cookie and we found it in Philadelphia.

You see, Simon’s Fund has spent the last five years providing free heart screenings to children in the Philadelphia area.  We’ve screened over 2,100 kids and changed 20 lives.  One of of every 100 kids that have been screened have found a potentially fatal heart condition.  So, for every bucket of cookies that we sell, we’ll provide another ECG exam to another child.

OK, I must confess.  The cookie doesn’t actually save a life and unlike the fairy tales that we’ve all read, you can’t just eat a cookie and come back to life.  

You’re the key ingredient.  You’re the one that can save a life. So, we hope that you’re kids will help us make this Valentine’s Day meaningful by celebrating the heart, selling some cookies, and saving some lives. 

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