CPR Saves Catonsville Field Hockey Player

CPR is a key ingredient to the fight against sudden cardiac arrest and death in students. While we are engaged in screenings (primary prevention), AEDs and CPR (secondary prevention) are required once a cardiac event occurs.  We’re fortunate that this student was surrounded by capable and equipped people. 

A day after a Perry Hall High School student collapsed on the field at Catonsville High School, parents and school officials are praising the quick thinking of bystanders and coaches who came to the girl’s rescue.

Breanna Sudano collapsed and was not breathing after her junior varsity team field hockey team played Catonsville around 5 p.m. Tuesday.  Lindsey Springer, the varsity coach for Catonsville’s field hockey team, said that multiple parents and coaches rushed to the field to help perform CPR on Sudano.

High School Principal Deborah Bittner and Athletic Director David Lane said Catonsville JV coach Christine Erlichman, one of the Perry Hall coaches and two parents with CPR training, administered CPR to Sudando. The parents were identified as Shelly Hunt and Melissa Law.  Coaches who work for Baltimore County are required to be trained in CPR, according to schools spokesperson Charles Herndon.

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