Bitter Irony for Hank Gathers – Akhir Frazier Dead

This past week, a young man was playing basketball when he collapsed and died at the Hank Gathers Recreation Center in Philadelphia.  Gathers was a college basketball star at Loyola Marymount University.  He collapsed and died during a game.

It is a tragedy that young Akhir Frazier died this week.  It is a tragedy that a building that bears the name of Hank Gathers was host to such a tragedy.  How many lessons do we need to learn before we start taking steps to protect our childrens’ lives?

Philadelphia Daily News

WHILE COACH Dan Brinkley, of Prep Charter High, is positive Akhir “Geedy” Frazier would have played basketball at the Division I level, now those thoughts are secondary.

“I’m much more fortunate to have met him than to have coached him,” a sobbing Brinkley said yesterday. “This was one great kid. For all the people who knew him, this is hitting us like 9/11.”

Frazier, 16, a rising junior combo guard, died late Wednesday night at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 4 days after removing himself from a neighborhood league game at Hank Gathers Rec Center, 25th and Diamond, and collapsing into the arms of that team’s coach as he approached the sideline.

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