Babies Dying in Unsafe Settings

This New Mexico study suggests that many babies in the study died in unsafe settings.  For some reason, the SIDS and SUDS community doesn’t talk about sudden cardiac arrest.  According to Dr. Michael Ackerman at the Mayo Clinic, up to 30% of all unexplained infant deaths are attributed to sudden cardiac arrest.  If a baby dies, the parents should be told to get their hearts checked . . . period.

By LEE BOWMAN, Scripps Howard News Service

WASHINGTON – Babies are dying in places where they should never be laid down to sleep, despite the presence of cribs in their homes, new research presented at a gathering of the nation’s pediatricians shows.  A team from the University of New Mexico and the state’s Medical Investigator’s office reviewed information on 91 children under age 1 who died in the state between 2006 and 2010.

Jessica Black, a third-year student at the medical school and lead author of the study, was scheduled to present the findings Monday at the American Academy of Pediatrics’ national meeting in Boston.  Included in the study were 59 babies whose deaths were classified as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or Sudden Unexplained Infant Death and 28 for whom the cause of death was undetermined.  New Mexico has a statewide medical examiner system and child death review panel that investigates all infant deaths not attributed to a specific disease or condition.

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