Athlete Saved by AED

The players panicked as they surrounded an unconscious Jonathan Moore on the football field outside Pearland’s Glenda Dawson High School on March 3.

A minute before, the 16-year-old had been running with his teammates prepping for football practice. But Jonathan, a husky fullback and defensive tackle, suddenly collapsed.

His heart had stopped beating. He had no pulse.

Team trainers Matt Thomas and Chris Shaddock hurried to Jonathan’s side and began CPR. Thomas attached an automated external defibrillator to the teen’s chest. It shocked his heart, it started beating again and paramedics rushed the teen to Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston.

Even after being shocked by an AED, the odds of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest can be slim. Things looked dire.

“I was sure he was dead,” Shaddock said.

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