Another Death in Gym Class

A Park Middle School student suddenly died Monday during gym class, according to Beckley Police.  The victim was a 12-year-old female student and cheerleader, who police believe may have had a pre-existing heart condition, Captain Jeff Shumate said.

Raleigh County Superintendent Dr. Charlotte Hutchens said the girl suddenly collapsed in gym class. CPR was performed, paramedics were alerted and the student was transported to Raleigh General Hospital.  Hutchens said she was unable to confirm if the student did have preexisting medical problems. Shumate said at this point, no foul play is expected and the girl’s body has been sent to the medical examiner for autopsy. Once results are back, it is hoped that a clearer reason for the girl’s sudden death will be revealed, Shumate added.

“What can I say? This is one of those things that you never, ever want to happen,” Hutchens said, emotionally. “I don’t think there are any words that can comfort the family, or make them feel an better during this difficult time.”  However, she extended her sympathies to the family and classmates.  Police are not releasing the victim’s name at this time.

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