Alex's Lemon Ball

Liz & Jim Scott of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

Liz & Jim Scott of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

Yes. It is easier, she said.  There are many more happy times than sad times.  So from that standpoint, it has gotten easier.  However, every year that goes by, it gets harder, because each year, we lose more.  We lose celebrating birthdays or sharing special occasions.  We lose a year of experiences and glances.  We wonder about what her life would be like today.  That makes it harder.

Liz Scott, Alex’s mother, shared these thoughts last night at the 4th Annual Lemon Ball hosted by Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.  Her words resonated with me and brought me to tears.

I agree that life is good on a day to day basis.  We’ve adjusted to our new “normal.”  However, last night reminded me of how painful the loss was and continues to be.  As much as I want it to be, my life will never be normal, no matter how time passes. 

Last night’s event was painful, but it was also magical.  The room was full of 800+ supporters.  The organization has raised $30 million in five years.  I admire everything that the Scotts have been able to accomplish.  They are a shining example of how ordinary parents can make an extradorinary difference in the lives of strangers . . . all in the memory of their beautiful daughter.

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